Just turned 28!

Soooo, my birthday was a couple of days ago (July 5th). Woot! Woot! I am now a 28 year old young woman and I am more motivated than I’ve ever been. Every year on my birthday I create a mental checklist of things I want to accomplish by combining a few items from my bucket list with a few goals that will help me be a better me. This year I’ve decided to share my list of 15 things I’m going to accomplish, create, do, etc. before my 29th birthday.

1. Take more time for myself

I’m ALWAYS taking care of everyone else. ALWAYS putting other people’s needs before my own. I’m vowing to take scheduled personal time for myself at least once a week.

2. Start my Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program (or at least apply so that I can begin shortly after my 29th birthday)

I earned my Master’s degree over 2 years ago, and I’ve been telling myself I’m going to go back to school ever since. I needed to figure some things out and a little piece of me was putting it off out of fear. It’s finally time.

3. Obtain my public health certification

Again, its been 2 years since my Master’s. This is long overdue (I’m actually in the process of studying for this YAY!)

4. Be more consistent with my workout plan

I tend to fall off often when it comes to working out…..one month I’ll go seven days a week, then the next month I won’t go at all. I need to establish a routine.

5. Eat a cleaner diet

I don’t eat poorly, but I can’t talk about working out without mentioning eating better. The two go hand in hand and I need to get on the ball with both.

6. Learn to swim

I’ve been telling myself for years that I would learn to swim. This is my year.

7. Make more money

This is always on my list. This will always be on my list. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

8. Go see a professional basketball game

I come from a football family, so I’ve been to football games. I’ve NEVER been to a professional basketball game.


This is a big one! I devoted so much time to working last year that I did not take a real vacation. This year, I’m taking at least two!

10. Ride in a hot air balloon

I’ve been trying to find someone brave enough to do this with me. If I don’t find anyone this year, I’m doing it by myself.

11. Find a charity to donate my time and/or money

Giving back is important! My grandmother gave to the St. Jude Foundation and she’d be happy to know I’ve dedicated myself to a cause that I believe in.

12. Put my phone down more often

I’m too connected to my phone. Social media, online articles, text messages…my face is always in my phone. Don’t call me though, I HATE talking on the phone.

13. Spend more time with my mom

My mom and I have a great relationship, but I have noticed that over the years we spend less time together. I want to pick up the pace and make sure we maintain our mother/daughter dates.

14. Attend church more often

 I was raised in the church and I’m deeply grounded in my faith. The problem is that sometimes I can’t get to church to save my life. I have to do better

15. Be positive 

I already try to remain positive in my thinking, but I want to make sure this is something that continues. I want to always find the good in every situation.

#TwentyEight #TwentyGreat

*This list was not created in any particular order

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